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Drozek, R.P., Unruh B.T, Mentalization-Based Treatment for Pathological Narcissism


Journal of Personality Disorders, 34, Special Issue, 177–203, 2020


Despite the growing cultural and empirical interest in pathological narcissism (PN), effective treatment guidelines for PN have not yet been established. This article develops mentalization-based treatment (MBT), a leading evidence-based therapy for borderline personality disorder, as a primary intervention for PN. Synthesizing research on parenting styles, attachment patterns, and empathy in PN, the authors propose a developmental model of narcissism centering on impairments in mentalization. Core therapeutic techniques of MBT for PN are outlined, including clinical examples to illustrate practical implementation. As an accessible, easy-to-operationalize, and resource-sensitive therapeutic approach, MBT offers considerable promise for future empirical investigation and clinical applications in the treatment of patients with pathological narcissism

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